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Below is a general layout of how we conduct programs @ Camp Salam on a daily basis. It’s structured to keep campers moving and thinking.

6:00 – Wake up call
6:30 – Fajar Prayer
7:00 – Workout # 1
7:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Short Talk / Plan for the day
10:00 – Daily Workshop
11:15 – Snack
11:30 – Sports Activity
1:00 – Duhar Prayer
1:30 – Lunch
2:30 – Nap / Free Time
4:00 – Asar Prayer
4:30 – Workout # 2
5:30 – Maghreb
6:00 – Dinner
7:00 – Open Stage
7:45 – Campfire / Story Time
9:00 – Isha / Close of Day
10:00 – Lights out

* The above is a general estimation of our ideal, but due to uncertainties in our activities, weather and added exploration these are often not concrete.


Activities / Workshops

Camp Salam will offer several outdoor activities and workshops (depending on age) for campers, which include:

  • Volley Ball
  • Hiking
  • Bootcamp Fitness
  • Capture the flag
  • Tug of war
  • Potatoe sack race
  • Financial Planning for Young Adults
  • Relationship 101
  • Leadership Development
  • Flag Footbal
  • Presentation Skills
  • Food Basics
  • Purpose of Life
  • Camp Fire
  • Learn to cook in outdoors
  • Teamwork
  • No Junk Food
  • No Distractions (cell phones, laptops, electronics of any kind…)
  • Are you up for the challenge!


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Q & A

Which organization is Camp Salam affiliated with?
Camp Salam is a project on its own. It was founded by Haroon Malik after noticing the lack of Muslim camps in the community especially the ones geared towards family and our young ones.

Haroon Malik has been organizing camps since highschool. An outdoor enthusiast, heavily involved with youth and dawah activities with ICNA, attended multiple seminars with Almaghrib Institue and graduate of 10 month intensive Arabic program with Bayyinah Institute.

The goal of Camp Salam is to bring families together through its camps and nurture our young ones and prepare them to add value and bring change to the society they live in.


How do I know if my daughter will not talk to another guy at the camp?
If you are concerned, please join her at the camp! Most of our camps are open to parents so they feel comfortable with where they are sending their kids to. If you are not able to make it…relax! There will be other parents and counselors at the camp. The ratio of camp counselor to campers is 1 to 8.

We must say that there are activities such as prayers, meals and campfire time where the whole group will be together. But all sports activities are going to be gender segregated.


I want to volunteer for Camp Salam. How do I apply?
This is great! If you are over 17 years old, you can become a camp counselor or volunteer for other activities such as marketing and on site food preparation and clean up. Volunteering for Camp Salam is a great opportunity to gain organizational and leadership skills. All volunteers get a free trip to Camp Salam for the event they have applied for. We need both brothers and sisters to apply.

To sign up for volunteer, please click

All volunteers have to provide references upon request.


Is Camp Salam for brothers only?
It depends…Some camps are organized for brothers only and some for sisters only; some are co ed. But one goal that Camp Salam emphasizes on is positive attitude, instilling confidence and learning practical life skills in a halal and fun environment, regardless of whether you are young or old, brother or sister, bearded or clean shaved, hijabi or not. There is something for everyone at Camp Salam.


How can this be an Islamic camp and you have girls and boys together?

We have separate cabins / tent areas for boys and girls. There will be activities such as praying, eating, camp fire and small talks where girls and boys will be together but away from each other. We need to realize our kids whether they go to Islamic schools or public schools, mosque or mall, Vegas or Masjid-ul-Haram, they’ll be in contact with opposite gender. There are settings such as Islamic conferences where gender interaction is not controlled and a lot of unnecessary mixing occurs. But at Camp Salam, we have separate counselors for boys and girls who constantly making sure that no unnecessary opposite gender interactions are occurring.

We are constantly reminding our campers of how to have interactions with opposite gender. We don’t believe that it is “haram” to have interaction with opposite gender; as long as it is professional and has a purpose. If you believe that your boy should never talk to a girl, then maybe Camp Salam is not the right setting for your child.


What should campers avoid packing?
Please do not bring cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, electronic devices etc. We like our campers to focus on building relationships with new friends rather than isolating themselves with headphones in the corner. Drugs, cigarettes, knives, utility tools, and weapons of any kind are not allowed (do we really have to tell you this). To keep it simple, just bring items listed in “What should campers pack?” question.


What should campers pack?

  • Sleeping bag and Pillow
  • Everyday clothes and undergarments
  • Sweater and/or light jacket
  • Pajamas
  • Closed toe shoes & socks
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Modest swim trunks
  • Towel,
  • Soap, shampoo/conditioner
  • Comb/brush
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Quran
  • Flashlight


I am worried that my son/daughter might get bullied by older kids. How do you control that situation?

This is a good question. We will be upfront based off experience; there will always be some type of conflict between two campers or group of campers. We will be constantly reminding our campers to respect your elders and the elder ones to act as exemplary leaders for your young ones.

Camp Counselors are always watching out for any conflicts and making sure to resolve the issues right away. There is a 3 strike policy in place. After that, the parents of camper will be called to pick their camper up.

If you have a child who is not a good listener or has a problem with controlling foul language, please talk to them before sending them to the camp. On the other hand, we believe conflicts occurring amongst campers at this age is very healthy. They’ll be taught by counselors on how to resolve these conflicts.

If it’s not now, these conflicts could occur in future. It could be when your child goes to high school, university or even during work or married life. Instead of sheltering your child from conflicts, we believe it is important to teach them how to resolve these conflicts and how to work with people with different personalities.


What does a typical day at Camp Salam look like?

Morning starts out with a wake up call to perform Fajar prayer. Right after prayer we will have our first workout session; following workout, we’ll have our breakfast. After clean up, we’ll have a short reflection and plan out our day.

Camp Salam has daily workshops which can be of various topics and skills (depending on age group) such as time management, personal finance, productivity and more. Campers will get small snacks to keep them fueled up along with challenging physical activities throughout the day.

Each day, there will be a sports activity (volley ball, soccer etc). Campers will also get time for nap / free time after lunch. Dinner will follow after Maghreb prayer and we’ll have an open stage where campers will get a chance to give a short talk, advice, reflection etc to boost their self confidence and presentation skills.

The day will end with a campfire / story time after which we’ll pray Isha and lights out @ 10:00 PM.

* The above is a general estimation of our ideal, but due to uncertainties in our activities, weather and added exploration, these are often not concrete.


What is included in the cost of camp?

Lodging for each night of camp, meals, programs, leisure activities and workshops. Travel arrangements are not included for all camps but few which are close to city. We can make travel arrangements between the closest airport, bus or train station and our camp sites for a small fee.


What is the age group for Camp Salam?
Camp Salam offers camps for all shapes and sizes. Some are for middle schoolers and some are for high schoolers; some are for young professionals and some are for whole family. Ideal age is 5+


How is the lodging like?
One fact is obvious….It won’t be like Chicago Hilton next to Islamic Convention that we are used to. It all depends on the location of Camp Salam that you are signing up for. In most cases, it’ll be rustic cabins. Some sessions will be tent camping. Highlight of Camp Salam is activities such as fitness boot camps, sports activities, workshops, camp fires etc. The only time you’ll be spending in your tent or cabin will be for bed time at night or after noon naps. So don’t stress over it!


My child is attending camp with a friend and they want to be tent mates.  Is that possible?    
This is very cute but at Camp Salam, our goal is to improve our campers’ people skills. They need to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to interact with people they are meeting for the first time and create strong bond amongst each other by the end of the trip. So No!…it is not possible.


I’m worried that my camper might get homesick.  What do you do in this kind of situation?
It is about time that mama’s boy and daddy’s princess need to grow up. It is our goal for each camper to have a good time at camp.  Homesickness is possible though usually does not become a significant hindrance to a camper’s experience. It is our policy to try to work through homesickness by keeping campers involved and busy, and usually in this way campers begin to have so much fun that the homesickness fades. In most circumstances phoning home to talk with mom or dad does not help, and can actually intensify the feelings. This is one of the reasons why we do not allow cell phones. Please don’t sneak cell phones in your campers bag and tell them “Call me if anything goes wrong”. Your camper’s growth toward independence and happiness are of the utmost important to us, and we always do our best to balance the two.


What’s camp food like?  

Campers will enjoy healthy meals and snacks each day during Camp Salam. Meals served are halal and include nothing but natural ingredients (the ones you can pronounce!). Our goal is to promote eating good and pure food (not just Halal). We try our best to get organic milk and eggs. Nutritional balance is always considered and special requests for allergies can be accommodated. You might get a dose of sugar once during the camp but we can’t promise you that! Please note any food allergies or dietary restrictions when registering for camp, whether it be online or a paper application.


Do you have scholarships available?  
We encourage all uncles and aunties, who have extra cash on the side to sponsor a camper, who can’t attend the camp due to money issues. You can contact us using the “Contact” form to let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a camper. If you are in need of sponsorship, same thing…contact us and we can let you know if someone is sponsoring a camper. We’ll use the funds for the ones waiting to be sponsored on a first come first basis.


Is there a discount for multiple siblings?
Yes we do. Just use coupon code “sibling” when registering for at least 2 or more campers and you’ll get a 10% discount.


What’s your refund policy?
Refunds, less a $75 processing fee, will be given until midnight 14 days prior to camp. If cancellation request is made within 14 days prior to camp, a 50% refund will be issued.


What’s the weather like?
It all depends where we are going. We try to pick months and locations where the weather is higher than 75°F (24°C) during the day and no less than 50°F (10°C) during the night.


How do family members contact campers?
Upon registration, campers will be given a phone number and email address to pass it on to their family members to contact them in the case of emergency. We’ll also create a group chat, such as Whats App to give update to all parents by sending them pictures of what is going on at the camp.


Can I visit campers at the campsite?  
At this time, we do not allow any visitors at the campsite. You are welcome to contact campers at the email and/or phone number that’ll be provided to you upon registration. We are sure you can handle life without him/her for few days.


Where is the campsite located?  
Each Camp Salam session will be held at different locations. Exact location of campsite will be emailed to all registered campers. We try to have the camp site no more than 1.5 hours drive from the main city so it is easy for parents to drop off and pick up their child.


Where are the departure and arrival locations and times?

We like to start our day early. Camp Salam’s departure times are usually early morning. Departure / arrival location could vary from camp to camp but for the most part it’ll be a local mosque. Exact location and timings will be emailed to all registered campers.


Should I bring spending money?

No! Everything for your “survival” during Camp Salam is covered in your camp fees. We will not be site seeing or shopping.
What is the dress code at camp?

  • Be comfortable, but conservative.
  • Guys must wear a shirt at all times.
  • We won’t make hijab mandatory for sisters who don’t wear it but no lululemon or yoga pants are allowed.
  • When swimming, navel to knee must be covered.


What makes Camp Salam unique?

A Strong Islamic Focus:  All activities at Camp Salam are done with the aim of connecting campers with their creator. This does not mean you’ll be in a long lecture throughout the day. Camp Salam aims to give short reminders to campers about God in every activity that we do.

Leadership in mind: Camp Salam will focus on developing leadership skills for our youth. Muslim world concentrates on having our youth memorize Quran and learn Islamic beliefs. But leadership skills are ignored during this process and young Muslim is not pushed to his/her full potential. Camp Salam’s focus will be to develop these leadership skills that’ll benefit them and their society once they return from camp.

Fitness and Health: We all know strong believer is better than a weak believer. This strength can not be attained by listening to Islamic lectures. Camp Salam will offer environment to physically push each camper during fitness boot camp sessions twice a day along with sports activities. You’ll also be fueled with halal and good/pure nutritious food. Sorry no marshmallow smores.

Zero Distractions: We live in a time where our attention span is low because of devices that surround us. We are used to listening to Islamic lectures while texting, doing homework and taking shower at the same time. Camp Salam will focus on productivity and team work without any distractions we are used to in our daily lives.

What is Camp Salam?

Designed to test all-around body, mind, soul and team work.

Camp Salam is more than just a getaway. It is an environment where you will learn confidence, leadership and how to contribute to your community. At Camp Salam, we believe in empowering you with the motivation and skills to stay physically fit, teaching you love for healthy food, nature and outdoor while connecting with our creator - all amidst the fun of camp fires, fitness boot camps, education activities, talent shows and meaningful relationship.

Camp Salam | Who is it for?

Set of values for every Camper

Camp Salam is all about family. Due to digital distractions, family interaction globally is impacted. We create a safe, natural and healthy environment which is open and encouraging allowing families to flourish and to contribute their qualities to create the magical camp atmosphere. Change can happen when we take ourselves away from our daily routine, away from distractions and focus on what is important in our lives and community around us. Ideal age of a camper is 5+

What makes Camp Salam Special?

You don't have to wait for another Muslim conference to do something fun with your friends

When you are not in your normal routine, day to day life, away from all distractions, change can happen. We believe that change should not only be concentrated at spiritual level. Muslims need practical tools to live their lives; learn how to be physically fit, what is a better choice for them (not just halal). Camp Salam is packed with fitness boot-camps, practical workshops, healthy food and lots of team exercises where the full potential of every individual can be expressed.